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STAR M.C.B.'s are housed in injection molded flame retardant, high strength thermo plastic material having high melting point, high dielectric strength and temperature with stand. Trip free mechanism i.e. the breaker trips internally even if the operating knob is held in ON position.

The Tripping Mechanism is Thermal Magnetic type :

Magnetic Protection : When overload values exceed the value specified for different characteristics curves i.e. B & C. strong magnetic field is induced which results into instantaneous tripping of M.C.B.

Thermal Protection : Bimetal which deflects if the current is greater than the rated current and hence tripping the M.C.B.

Finger Protection : M.C.B's are finger protected to IP 2 as per IS:8828:1996 the live current carrying parts cannot be touched accidentally.

Effective ARC Quenching : ARC produced of contacts is rapidly pushed magnetically into a 12 plates ARC chamber where it is broken down effectively & cooled.

Special Alloy Contacts : The contacts are made out of special alloy. Which gives low contact resistance resulting in voltage drop hence very less power consumption and temperature rise. these contacts have very excellent anti weld properties.

Dual Termination : The incoming terminals are designed for termination of bus bar as well as cable individually or simultaneously. Terminals are suitable for cables up to 25mm.