Star Switch GearsStar best by every testTop Product
Standard Conformity IS : 13947-3 : 93
Rated Current (III) 4-46-10
Rated Voltage (AC) (UE) 24 / 415 V
Rated Frequency (F) 50Hz
Nos. of Poles 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) V 660
Rated Insulation Voltage (Uimp kV 6
Electrical/Mechanical Endurance  
(No. of operations 10,000
Ambient Temperature ( C) +5 to +55
Terminal Capacity (max) Sq. mm 25
Vibration g 5
Shock 4 mm free fall
Protection Class IP 20
Installation Position Vertical/Horizontal
Mounting on Din Rail (35 mmx 7.5mm)
Housing Moulded, Flame Retardent Thermoplastic Material